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Create innovative products and services your ideal customers actually want to buy

A small business marketing consultant teaching you how to create a brand with staying power

Time to start building your product business with the right foundations

Does your business have a clear value proposition that underpins your brand strategy?

 Without this step many businesses design, launch and try to sell products and services that nobody wants.

It is time to stop experimenting and step back, to learn how to create an insight-driven value proposition.

Once you learn how, you can apply this method again and again in your business.

Create an action plan for growth

Strategy trumps journaling and manifestation, so we’ll create an action plan that’s both exciting and achievable.

Identify the right product opportunities

This is the fun part: where you identify, test and create new viable products that truly solve a problem or address a need for your consumers.

Work on your business at your own pace

Sometimes life gets in the way, so we’ll take it slow and steady, with momentum and action that feels right for you.

Get guidance from an expert (me)

I’m part of your team; here to guide you and challenge you just a teensy bit to achieve more in your business.

Hi, I'm Amy Voller

A small business marketing consultant in Melbourne. I took the opportunity early in my career to gain international experience, working with a number of highly respected global blue chip companies and start-ups in London, and across Europe.

After 14 years away, with my Dutch husband and two young daughters in tow, I moved home to Melbourne.  In 2015, I began operating my own marketing consultancy For Elle Marketing, working with female founders and marketers to create compelling products and services people want to buy.

Drawing on my 20+ years of corporate experience, I teach and work together with them to launch and grow brands with staying power.

I’d love to do the same for you, too.

small business strategy consultant

‘If you suspect you could achieve more in your business, it’s time to ditch the frustration. Let’s get clear and start taking inspired action to achieve your business goals — fast.’

Amy Voller, Small Business Marketing Consultant Melbourne

Get a top product and marketing strategist in your corner

When you work with me as your marketing consultant for small business, you get a fully invested partner who cares about your success. I’ve done courses and group coaching where access to the facilitator is limited — and it drives me nuts! So when you sign up to any of my strategy session packages, you’ll get plenty of access to me. I’ll be asking lots of questions, so I can deeply understand what’s going on. Only then can we formulate a plan that enables you to focus your energy and money on activities that are right for your business and budget.

Ready to learn how to build a brand with staying power? 

Let’s go.



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