Welcome to Thrive & Grow Podcast | Ep 01

Welcome to the first episode of Thrive & Grow podcast. As the Founder and Director of Amy Voller, I thought I should share a little about my story and the importance of diversification for business success. 

This podcast has been designed to share tried and tested strategies and insights, to give small business owners the tools they need to sustainably grow a business, without becoming overwhelmed, to future proof by diversifying a business the smart way.

To help you get to know who I am and why I’m so passionate about sharing the importance and benefits of diversification in business, let me share my story.

So, I’ve had a 20+ year career in all disciplines of marketing and had business building roles, across industries with a global remit.  I’ve lived & worked in Australia, London, and Germany, launching products and growing brands in multiple languages and across cultures.  I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, witnessed many made by others, but equally been a part of great successes. 

It is these years of hands-on experiences that lead me to starting my own business when my family finally moved back to Australia 6 years ago.  As a mum of two girls and a fur baby, I no longer wanted what many others did, at this point in my life – flexibility and to focus on my own passions.  So, I started doing consulting projects for clients with most of them coming through referrals or repeat client business.  The main work I did, was creating growth strategies for clients, by identifying, analysing, and recommending the right opportunities they should take and implement to grow.  This ranged from new products, new markets, brand refresh, acquisitions ideas etc.

Have I stopped making mistakes, absolutely not!  One of my biggest was in 2020, when I realised, I’d been so focussed on my clients and developing strategies for their growth by identifying ways they could diversify their business.  I’d however, failed to do this myself and when my main revenue stream dried up due to the pandemic and its impacts on my clients, boy did that hurt!

So, what did I do?  I diversified my own business and created new revenue stream, so when my old one was turned back on, I’d never be reliant on it again. 


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